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Staff Application
SteamID: (find your steamID here

What is your in-game name?

How old are you?

How many warns do you currently have?

What punishments have you received on the agreement as, if any?

What country are you currently living in?

What is your timezone?

What language/languages can you speak?

Do you have a working mic?

Please link your last application here. (If any)

Do you have any experiences with ULX if so what commands do you know?

(Server Background)

How long have you been a part of the community?

Who/what made you want to apply for staff? ( at least 200 words)

Do any staff members recommend you for staff? If so list them here.

(About you)

What makes you unique to other applicants? Why should we choose you? ( at least 250 words)

What are your goals as a staff member? ( at least 200 words)

What previous experience do you have moderating/administering a community/game? (Please provide proof)

Anything else you would like to say to us?


Do you agree and a staff member you will never abuse your power?

Do you agree to be unbiased and fair within all sits?

Do you agree with the outcome of this application, no matter if you are accepted or denied?

Have you read the rules and staff rules?

Have you read the terms of the mentor program?

Do you agree to listen to your mentor throughout the program?
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